Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I felt great.  It was warm in sunny North Carolina.  Not a hint of rain in sight.  I worked all day, cooked a lemon cake, a load of laundry and never once did I catch a glimpse of death staring over my shoulder.  I never once consciously thought about the things I did during my day.  I lived without moments of regret.

Today I typed a word (I type, that’s my job), got up, got a cup of coffee, came back and the word was an entirely different word.  I know that seems crazy, but I’m being sincere.  I typed SCLEROTIC and when I came back and sat down, SCAPHOLUNATE was looking at me from the page.  I don’t remember typing that word.  Not at all.  I mean, I remember typing S-C and nothing after that but I knew the word I had been asked to type was SCLEROTIC.

So I decided maybe I should write these things down and let you, the rest of the human race watch me and well, I hope someone out there will notice if I completely lose my mind.

My grandmother developed dementia and I am afraid that I will not see it coming when or if it comes for me.  Does this make sense?  I am 51 years old, I am an American citizen, I am gay, I am a woman, I am a transcriptionist, and I am a mother.  If you can relate to any of this, if you can help me remember who I am, it would be greatly appreciated.  I know nothing of keeping a blog; I only hope that this will help someone, if only myself because I matter, I count, I am someone.


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