Just to see you smile…

Tim McGraw’s song, Just To See You Smile, has these lines in it…

Cause leavin didn’t hurt me near as badly
As the tears I saw rollin’ down your face.

These two lines make me remember October 2010.  I had just started a new relationship with a woman I’d been friends with for a year.  She was married but was obviously in love with me.  I asked her to leave her husband; she told me she never would as he had always been there for her and she couldn’t hurt him.  I told her I understood and was going to start dating someone else.  She said okay.  I ended it that day.  She came crying to my house on the day before Halloween and it broke my heart.  I waited until Christmas eve to get back together with her and, even though I wasn’t sleeping with anyone, she thought I was and she has never loved me again the way she did before.  We are still together and every day I wish for a go-back button to that day I ended it.  Her husband left in September of 2011.  Never say never.


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