How Come It Never Rains Women?

How Come It Never Rains Women?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Cause it’s raining men, which should be delightful…

and would be…

if I liked men. 


Did you ever wonder why there aren’t himicanes?

I do.  Oh, it doesn’t keep me up at night, but I do wonder…

Men are so much more destructive than women.

Wouldn’t it have then made sense to have himicanes?


And sleet, what is that?  Rhymes with sheet. 

which reminds me of sheep…

Do you think sleet is sheepish?

I mean, you don’t see it a lot. 

So, maybe sleet is shy; hmmm, I wonder why?


Ice storms.  ICE storms.  Ice STORMS. 

Either way, it doesn’t sound good, does it?

Ice storms are so forlorn

and with good reason! 

Winter is not an easy season! 

Except in Florida.


Hail!  You just have to follow that word

with an exclamation point.

Because hail! is ferocious…

like a Chihuahua with an attitude!

Little solid rock formations of ice

that hit you so hard for no reason!


Snow…there’s a pretty word.

Snow…it snowed today.

Sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it?

Even when it means drugs,

snow is quiet…

Shhhh, it’s snowing!


Rain.  Rhymes with pain, and insane.

The insane rain caused lots of pain,

mostly in Spain, on the plain!

Plain rain is insane! 

In Spain.


Tornado.  Man, that’s a scary word.

Back away slowly…maybe it won’t notice us.


Twister!  Now, that sounds like fun but it isn’t, is it?

Twister!  Let’s all go play Twister! 

Oh, snap, the house is gone! 

And it has taken your sister! 


Which means it should be raining women! 

But, alas, no.  Just men.



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