The Matinee

      She sat down next to me in the darkened theater.  She had suggested we meet for a matinee, a “creature feature”, as it were…specifically, The Creature From The Black Lagoon.  There couldn’t have been more than 20 people in the whole place.  I didn’t care, I was getting to spend time with her and that was what was important to me.  The popcorn guy was still dancing on the screen so we had a few minutes and I turned to look at her. 
      “Wow”, was all I could come up with when I saw her.  Black tank top, short black leather skirt, and zippered boots that came to the knees.  She had her hair swept up off her neck and tied with a piece of red ribbon.  I could see the freckles along her arms in the faint glow from the screen.  ‘Love spots’ is what I always thought of them as…my love has love spots on her arms and back.  She had taken hold of my right hand and I suddenly realized she was tying my arm to the chair with the piece of ribbon from her hair.  I looked from my wrist to her face and she refused to meet my eyes for a moment, glancing up at the screen instead. 
      “Why have you tied me to the chair, hon?”, I asked in a low voice, leaning towards her so no one could hear me.  “Because you aren’t going to be watching the movie…you’re going to be watching me and you don’t need your hand to see with.”  I let this sink in for a moment.  As the realization of what she was telling me started to dawn on me, I looked up, straight into those golden eyes, and saw her smiling.  I also realized that she was holding her panties in her hands and she pressed them into my left hand. 
      Leaning over, she said into my ear, “I want you to hold my panties, don’t drop them either, and I want you to watch me.  Do not take your eyes off of me for a second, no matter what, and do not drop my panties on this floor.  Do you understand?”  Oh, yes ma’am, I most certainly understood but all I could manage to say was a weak and breathless, “Yes“. –   (Just listen to it for sound effects)

      The movie was starting and my eyes automatically flicked toward the screen when I heard the music.  Instantly I heard her clear her throat and then she leaned over to my ear again, “I said eyes on me at all times.  This is your first and only warning.  You will pay if you disobey me again.”  I know I soaked my panties at that very second.  I knew exactly what she meant by pay.  She had made me ‘pay’ before, tying me to the bed and making me watch her for extended periods of time as she teased me endlessly before letting me cum.  I knew now not to even blink.
      The theater she had chosen was one which had the ‘comfortable seats’, the ones which reclined and even swiveled a tiny bit, and now I knew why.  It also suddenly made sense to me why The Creature From The Black Lagoon was the movie she had chosen.  There was a lot of screaming in it, not to mention the hissing and popping sounds that accompanied a lot of the older films and this was a 1954 classic so sound quality was just as bad as the film itself.  I clutched her panties in my left hand and suddenly had the desire to smell her.  I raised my hand to my nose and breathed her in.  I could smell the scent of her arousal and I smiled.  She cleared her throat and I turned to face her.  Oh my God, is all I could think.  She had certainly given me a bird’s eye view for this afternoon’s matinee. 
      Liz had tilted her chair at a slight angle to afford me the very best view and, oh my, what a view it was.  Her knees were spread as far open as possible, her skirt had inched up, and she was holding herself open with her left hand while her right hand was tenderly stroking her soft curls.  Once she was certain she had my complete attention, she dipped her middle finger inside of her glistening wetness and I swear I almost passed out at the very sight of her doing that.  Drawing her fingers out of that wetness, I heard the sudden intake of her breath as she pulled her fingers up, up, and over her swollen clit.  Screams from the movie screen interrupted my thoughts, but my eyes never wavered from the wonderful vision that I was engrossed in watching. 
      I suddenly realized why she had tied my right hand.  I found I couldn’t decide which I wanted more…to touch her or to touch myself but I wanted to touch something.  Instead I found myself raising her panties to my nose again.  What sweet torture to watch her fingers moving so slowly and rhythmically and, at the same time, I could only smell her and want her.  This was why she had given me her panties.  Oh my, she really is very clever; I made myself a mental note to thank her properly after we went home.  I could feel my wetness stirring between my legs and I wanted to taste her so bad.  But, for now, I sat and watched this sexy woman give me the ultimate in private peek show viewing…a Sunday matinee with her as my personal actress.  What more could a girl ask for?

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