A Taste of Freedom

She pulled up to the curb next to me on her bike.  It was a classic, a 1968 Norton, and she took pride in the fact that she had restored it herself.  She always kept it clean and buffed to a shine and I was surprised and amazed when she offered to let me ride with her.  When she had called me earlier in the day, she had told me she wanted to take a drive up into the hills of Massachusetts, far away from the city.  I remember thinking she had sounded very excited.  Image

        I saw that our sleeping bags were rolled up tightly and tied to the back.  I smiled at the possibilities that lay ahead for our evening.  Holding onto her shoulder, I climbed onto the back of her bike and wrapped my arms around her waist.  After waiting for an appropriate opening in traffic, she pulled away from the curb and we headed out of the city, feeling the coolness of the late afternoon settling upon us.

        The turnpike turned north and the miles began to whiz past us.  Carol was an excellent driver and soon we were well on our way and out of the conventional traffic that had threatened to clog the beginning of our journey.  As the evening started to fall around us, it was truly beautiful to watch the changing colors of the sky as the sunset fell before our very eyes.  I snuggled up close to her back for warmth as the night air grew a little bit colder. 

        I had, of course, only put on a windbreaker, forgetting that the evenings are colder in Boston.  Carol always wears her motorcycle jacket for protection when she rides on the open road and, with the approach of the evening’s coolness, I slipped my hands up under her jacket to warm them a little.  With my arms wrapped around her body, my hands began to stray and I soon found myself cupping her breasts. 

        I felt her tense up a little as my left hand slipped underneath her shirt and then underneath her bra.  I felt the bike wobble slightly and she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder.  The look on her face was unmistakable.  ‘Please don’t do that’, her face told me, and I grinned in spite of myself but I silently withdrew my hand from underneath her bra, contenting myself with tracing the skin of her stomach under my fingertips. 

        At the next exit, I felt the bike slow and she took the ramp.  I wondered why we had turned off before our destination and I was soon to find out.  Pulling into a gas station that had obviously been closed for years, she brought the Norton to a stop and motioned for me to get off.  Climbing off the bike, she put down the kickstand, took off her helmet, shook out her dark brown hair, and turned to face me.  I had likewise removed my helmet and met her eyes. 

        She reached out for me, dragging me into her arms and squeezing me tightly to her chest.  Then she looked down at me, placing her hands on my face, and kissed me, lingering over nibbling my lips and kissing me deeply.  “Please don’t do that to me while I’m driving, sweetheart.  I can’t concentrate and I don’t want us to get hurt.  You understand that, don’t you?”  She quietly said the words while she held me very close to her body.  I could feel her almost trembling.  “I was scared there for a moment, you know.  You affect me and I need to pay attention when I’m driving.  I would never want you to get hurt and I think you know that.” 

        I was instantly ashamed of my actions because I knew she was absolutely correct.  My foolish momentary lapse in judgment had endangered our lives and the lives of others.  I knew how much safety in traffic meant to her.  I looked up into her soft eyes for a moment, nodded, and then stepped back into her hug, pulling her even tighter against my body.  I loved the way she loved me.  I think it was her habit of always thinking ahead that I most admired about her. 

        “Okay.  If you think you can keep your hands off of ‘me’ for a bit longer, we need to get back on the road.  Okay?”  I nodded again.  “I love you, hon“, I said softly, “Thank you for keeping us safe.  I’m sorry.”  She shook her head as she put her helmet back on.  “Just think, okay?  I love you, too.  Now, come on, we got to scoot.”  I climbed back on the bike, wrapped my arms around her waist again, and she pulled onto the interstate once more.

        I was just about ready for a bathroom break when I saw her blinker go on and we headed down the off-ramp.  I had missed the turn-off sign, so I had no idea where we were.  There was an all-night diner on the right and a gas station on the left.  I yelled into her helmet that I needed “to go” and she pulled off to the right and let me off.  She motioned that she was going to fill up and I nodded and went inside the diner.  The bathroom was down a little hall and the waitress at the counter, refilling ketchup bottles, nodded a hello to me.  I could see she was thrilled at my arrival.  There was an old man sitting at table with what looked like a to-go box in his hand.  It must have been his old Chevy Impala that was outside in the parking lot.  

        I had just finished freshening myself up in the bathroom, trying to bring my helmet hair back to life, when I heard the bathroom door open up behind me.  One glance in the mirror was all I got before I felt her hands on my hips.  Spinning me around so fast, I didn’t have time to think, Carol kissed me hard, pushing me up against the door of the bathroom, and shoving her hand down the front of my jeans.  Biting my lips first and then inching her way down my neck and onto my shoulders, she continued to nip at me with her teeth as her hand found its way into my panties.  

        I felt her enter me, bringing me to my tiptoes, and a definite gasp came out of my mouth.  She wiggled her fingers inside of me, delighting in the look of lust that must have been on my face, and then she began to drill me, hard, pushing her fingers into me and then pulling them almost all the way out before shoving into me again.  I was starting to get weak in the knees and might have staggered had she not been holding me tightly in her grasp, her mouth still on my shoulders, her teeth sinking into my skin while her finger was fucking me for all she was worth, which is how we were standing when I came, her moans filling the air right along with mine. 

        We stood, holding on each other for a minute, before I started to giggle under my breath.  It was at that moment, with her arms still around me, that we heard the bolt slide on the door of the stall behind us.  I pushed her back into the stall I had come out of and pulled the door shut.  I was laughing out loud now and so was she, uncontrollably.  Carol stood up on the toilet seat and peeked over the door to see an old lady calmly washing her hands.  We tried to put our hands over our mouths to quiet ourselves but we were too far gone for that and I know the howling sounds of our laughter could be heard echoing in the bathroom.  We barely heard the bathroom door close behind the woman as she left.


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