Confessions 101…

Confessions 101 by an adventurous rogue writer… 

I do admit to purposefully writing to cause a titter to ripple through a crowd…I love being the cause of a sudden explosive guffaw escaping from someone’s lips. I love playfully teasing with my words and I love deeply sensual, lingering conversations with beautiful women. I love writing in such a way so as to create a visually stimulating portrait in the soul, an impressively enduring image in someone’s mind, and I’m not merely satisfied to paint a vividly ensnaring picture. Oh no!

I want to cause a wildly secluded memory to resurface, one of alluring forbidden love, a long-forgotten glance, a tender seductive touch, a stolen enchanted kiss, like some fiery erotic, time-faded photograph that’s been stamped, dated, and filed away in the brain for further perusal at a later time. I want the whispered words that I write to slightly, ever so slightly, cause those tiny hairs inside the eardrums to quiver and vibrate until you can feel the white-hot heat of a flush beginning to slowly, enticingly, rise up your neck and insinuate itself upon your face. I want to disturb your thoughts, exhilarate your desires, arouse your energies, tempt your emotions, and fascinate your mind, leaving your senses discreetly delirious, your ideas recklessly muddled, and your subconscious thoughtlessly racing!

I want the reader to feel the enthralling intensity of my emotions, to so thoroughly drench themselves in my engaging outpouring of thoughts that they feel at once satisfied, relaxed, comfortable, and utterly, totally, vibrantly, unmistakably aliveinside! I want you to submissively experience the spellbinding touch of my capable hands without ever…coming anywhere…even…close to me. I want my poignant writing to thrust itself into your captivated psyche like an embrace of enveloping darkness blanketing the Earth on a moonless night. I want you to become keenly, acutely aware of not only your own fevered sensations but of mine as well and share with me in my passion, my anguish, my euphoria, my tenderness, my heartache, and my ecstasy.

I want you to read so long and so hard that you find yourself leaning in, a little closer than before, your body motionless, hypnotized, so passionately and completely lost in deepest, steadfast concentration on my provocative words, that you almost…almost…almost forget to breathe. And then, just when you have already savored the taste of my tender, inviting lips gently brushed against your very soul, and you open your eyes, half expecting me to be standing entrancingly before you, then, and only then, will you find that I have mysteriously and abruptly slipped away, silently fading as quietly from view as a wisp of cloud disappears from the horizon, leaving you anxious, breathless, giddy, excited, stimulated, aroused, seemingly intoxicated, and eagerly wanting, yes, always, always, always, eagerly wanting…more.


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