When White People Rap


I need some advice, need y’all to tell me what to do.

I got someone from my past, tryin’ to sniff ’round my dew.

I want to drop down some words, lay ’em out on the page

Try to kill my attitude, while I show a little rage.

I woke up this mornin’, found The Past had been ’round my house

Slipping through the Internet, as quiet as a mouse.

Leavin’ me messages, disturbin’ my mind

like I don’t remember – and this ain’t the first time!

To give you some back – she’s a pusher and a shover,

Always talkin’ ’bout how she’s gonna be a great lover.

When we were together, she had absolutely no clue,

Always treatin’ me like somethin’ on the bottom of her shoe.

But the truth for real, I wasn’t nothin’ but a meal

She liked the money I made; she liked the way I got paid.

Her idea of hard work was smokin’ blunts in the shade!

While I was workin’ my fingers to the bone,

She was sittin’ somewhere, smokin’ crack, gettin’ stoned.

So, I moved clean across this entire damn state

to make sure I took myself off of her dinner plate.

And now she hits me up, smackin’ her lips

Talkin’ ’bout she’s hungry for some of me and my hips!

I moved to an island a fuckin’ hundred miles away

How much more could I have done to fuckin’ say —


Now I’ve got a cute honey that’s boot-tappin’ with me now

She’s a fresh young thing that makes me holler and how!

This girl’s so fine and she’s oh so sweet,

Acts like I’m gold or her favorite treat.

She don’t raise her hand and she don’t cuss my name

I’m stickin’ to her like glue, she loves me just the same.

So, what do I tell this Grim Reaper from my past,

That Once Upon A Time was a tale that don’t last?

I’m thinkin’ that the peace I so diligently seek

Can’t come to now while she’s still one of my peeps.

That seems kinda harsh, when I say it out loud

But I feel I gotta stand tough to make my own self Proud.

Whatch y’all think?

Peace out.


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