Me, in a Nutshell

I consider myself to be an old school, middle-class,
white-bread American southerner.

I believe in politeness and decency, to strangers but
especially so to the ones you love. I believe in
giving respect. I believe in trust, especially to the
ones you love, and I want their respect and trust in
return and for them to be polite and decent to me. I
believe doors should be opened for women. I believe
in common courtesy. I might be gay but I don’t have
to be rude.

I believe in doing the right thing even if it means
the situation will not turn out to be in my favor, as
honor and dignity should be upheld, even at personal

I like the simple stuff in life. Like I said before,
I don’t really care about money as I wish some of life
could be done on the barter system.

But you know what I do like and can still remember –
the smell of fresh air and warm sunshine on line-hung
sheets. Yes, it was a pain in the ass to hang up
laundry, especially for a house of 12, but, when you
slip into bed and those sheets feel so crisp and
clean, man, it’s worth it. I love the smell of fresh
cut grass, it’s almost an aphrodisiac or at least it
could be!

I feel a certain amount of satisfaction and even a
little exhilaration, if you will, from folding up
laundry that smells good, knowing as I make each fold
that I will get to feel it next to my skin real soon
or I’ll get to see how someone I love looks in
something I lovingly folded just for them, smoothing
out each crease with thoughts of them in my mind and

I take pride in mowing the grass and standing back for
a minute, sweat dripping, plumb filthy with grass and
weeds and dirt from the top of my head clean through
my socks to between my toes, and just stare at the
pattern in the yard, admire how well it looks now, a
job well done…I love it! Even washing a sink full
of dirty dishes brings about a certain feeling of
contentment and satisfaction, like eating comfort
food, so to speak, food like meatloaf and real mashed

Doing household chores when you love somebody and they
love you back is the best…it gives me a feeling of
home, security, love, warmth, a “right” feeling with
myself and with the world.  I am a true southerner.

Home is where the heart is
and home is what you make of it…

I like sitting down to eat my meals with my other
half, cause that’s what I look for, that’s what I’m
seeking while I’m out there, hunting down women and
dragging ’em home, you know, I’m looking for the other
half of me, my better half, the exact same shoe, the
alternate glove. I really feel incomplete without
that other person, well, not incomplete within myself
but relationship-wise, I mean. My outer shell, I

I love to interact with someone on a personal level,
to listen to their thoughts, get their ideas on things
in my life, talk about stuff they deal with, learn
from each other, grow with each other, and day by day,
continuously build a life together built out of trust
and love and respect for each other.

That’s the best part of life (next to the real best part)!


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