More Than Words Can Say

Her eyes burn through me like liquid fire
and suddenly I am alive..
She holds me close and I whisper her name,
bury my hands into her hair,
and kiss her deep just to prove
the words I have trouble saying.
Her angel’s grace is so different from my not-so-subtle ways
that constantly I am shocked just to have her near.
Her pale skin glows in the moonlight,
meshing with my own insane creaminess.
I love to dig myself down inside her,
hold her close, and watch her murmur.
I feel her breath on my face
and all too soon I am reminded
that I’m no good for her…
she deserves better but I don’t want to let her go.
Her imperfections make her so beautiful,
yet she never understands that.
My scars run deep within this body of mine,
yet she knows them all,
lays her lips to them,
and takes the hurt away,
in the tenderest of ways.
I know I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t come when she had.
And every time she laces her fingers with mine,
or links her arm through mine,
I am thankful, oh so very thankful.
And I know I don’t say it nearly as often as I should
but she’s the Earth that holds me
and I thank the gods everyday that she’s in my life.
Because my love for her runs deeper than
mere words could ever say.Image


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