Just For The Sex of It…

I want to push my hand up

beneath your white starched shirt,

with that favorite tie hanging.

To excite the warmth of your skin,

as my mouth claims you again and again,

to climb to the apex of your left nipple,

to pull it, pinch it, and dream of licking it.

Just for the sex of it.


I long to ask you, to remain seated

in my office chair, with your knees spread,

parting abruptly as I slide your jeans down…

and then ask you if you could please

expose your wetness so I could feel

and then simply devour you as a delicious meal.

Just for the sex of it.


With my desire engulfing me,

penetrating every curve and crevice of my tortured body,

I long to see you shoving my left leg forcefully away from my right thigh,

your fingers marching front and center as you make me sigh.

The man in the boat is suddenly a rebel,

paddling strong and hard before the storm hits.

Just for the sex of it.


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