Lead Me…

She reached across the seat
and took my hand –
a simple act of kindness
bonding us together so easily.
I squeezed her fingers back,
and let go of one more inch of my heart.
The smile that played across her face
deepened a little at the corners of her eyes.
I knew I was too tough some days,
and I wished I was the kind of person
who lived in story books,
like Wesley in the Princess Bride
always patient, always kind; I wasn’t.
If I were a fairytale character,
I would more likely be Foghorn Leghorn –
boisterous, rowdy, full of bluff and bluster,
a cartoon, no one’s fairytale come true.
And so here I sit this morning,
one coyote pratfall from the cliff’s edge,
in her house, while she sleeps in another room.
Lead me not into temptation –
(what’s that line about evil?)
I say, I say,Image that dawg is dumber than a box of hammers.
Take my hand, little one,
and hold on tight.
Whatever will be, will be.


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