Gotta Love Hiking

          Deciding to hike up into the mountains was a good move, I thought to myself, as I glanced up ahead of me, taking in the curvaceous picture in front of me…my love’s ‘butt’, to be precise.  Of course, she had taken the lead, being a much more agile climber than I am and somewhat more experienced as well.  She stood stopped ahead of me, and I eased up beside her to rest for a moment and catch my breath.  She looked at me and grinned, and then brushed a pine needle off of the back of my shoulder where the sap had caused it to stick to my shirt.  The spring sun was not too hot and I remember thinking that we had chosen an excellent weekend for this outing with no rain in the forecast and just a light breeze drifting over us. 

            “Hey, babe.  Wanna take a little rest before we continue on up?”, Coll asked, looking at me with a slight smile on the curve of her lips.  “Sure” came my ready answer.  Untying a windbreaker from around her waist, she spread it out and we plopped down beneath the shade of a pine tree.  The view was magnificent.  We were about halfway up a ridge and you could smell the juniper bushes and see an occasional flash of red as cardinals darted along looking for berries.  I was just about to remark that the day couldn’t get any better when I felt Coll’s hand on my arm.  Turning toward her, I found myself face to face with this beautiful woman that I had come to adore so much.  “Hi, cutie.”, she said huskily and leaned over to meet my lips with hers.  As I melted onto her mouth, I had a feeling the day was about to get even better. 

            As I felt my love start to pull on my bottom lip with her teeth, I felt my breathing change.  She always knew exactly what to do to turn me on instantly.  With her arms around me, pulling me closer to her, I slipped my arms around her neck and kissed her back just as passionately.  I knew my panties were starting to get wet.  Untangling my arms, I reached for the button on her jeans but she stopped me.  “Lie back, peanut, I want to make love to you.”  My heart felt like it stopped for a moment as I felt her unbutton my jeans and begin to tug them off of my legs.  Pulling her down on top of me, I felt her fingers tracing along my sides and along my stomach and then slipping into my panties, so tenderly and swiftly, and then she was inside of me, gliding her finger in and out of me, with her teeth on my neck.  I loved the way she loved me.

            Wrapping my arms around her, I held her tightly to my body and we rocked together, with her finger touching my G-spot on every stroke, making me cum several times until finally I clamped my legs around her arm to stop her motion.  She pulled her mouth from my neck and kissed me softly, tenderly, teasingly, looking into my eyes as she did so.  I loved the golden brown of her eyes and I suddenly pulled her even tighter to my body, pinning her arms between us, and wrapped my legs around hers so that she was pinned good and tight against me.  She looked at me and her eyes grew a little wider.  “Shhh…it’s okay.“, I said, practically mouthing the words so that she would bring her head back closer to my mouth.  She struggled for a minute against my arms but, in this position, I was easily the strongest at that moment.

            Whispering in her ear, with my lips barely caressing her ear as I spoke, my words were deliberate, calm, and quiet as I slowly enunciated each word.  “I love how you fucked me, Coll, and right now I am thinking about how wet you are.  In a few minutes, I am going to ease myself between your legs and lick you until you cum all over my face.  I am going to run my tongue all around your clit and then dip it into that wonderful wetness, drawing it up, up, up, up, and over your clit.” 

            I paused, listening to how her breathing had changed, becoming more ragged and shallow, enjoying the tightness of her body against mine, delighting in how her arms had briefly and futilely struggled against mine.  I felt her sag against me a little, until my tongue found its way into her ear and I licked inside of her, becoming wetter myself as she once again struggled in my arms.  “That’s it, struggle, little one.  Because it won’t matter.  I want to lick you.  I want to suck your clit into my mouth.  I want to lick your wetness up with my tongue.”  Gasps were coming from her mouth now and I knew how soaking wet she was becoming.  What a wonderful day in the mountains this was turning out to be! 

            The more I licked, sucked, and nibbled on her ear, the more she struggled in my arms, until we were both breathing hard, and then I suddenly stopped and instead started kissing her gently on the ear lobe, behind her ear, finally her neck, and slowly loosening my hold on her, murmuring, “shh…shhh…” the whole time I was disentangling our limbs.  By the time I had completely let go of her body, she was instead holding onto me, kissing my neck, and I knew in that instant how much both of us loved this little game and each other. 

            Rolling her over off of me, and looking her in the eyes as I did so, I slowly unbuckled her belt, and eased her zipper down.  Tugging on her pants, her panties came down too and tiny red curls peeked up at me, covering her with a downy soft layer of the softest hair I have ever felt.  I couldn’t help but kiss those curls, moving my face back and forth to feel them on my cheeks.  Her body trembled beneath my touch and I realized how I must be torturing her, for I knew she was soaking wet.  I finished pulling her jeans off and then positioned myself between her legs.  She was glistening all over, shining like there were sprinkles of crushed diamonds covering her…and I leaned forward, kissing her wetness, and then devilishly rubbing my face across her, wetting my cheeks and delighting in the very naughtiness of this act. 

            A shiver went through my body now, as I could feel her wetness, drying on my face in the spring breeze.  I suddenly wanted to taste her and I tenderly spread her open and dipped my tongue inside of her warm wet sticky center.  She was so sweet smelling and I continued to lick her clean freshness, over and over, thoroughly enjoying the feel of her hands in my hair, the sounds of her moans starting to echo across the mountainside, and the sexy way she moved underneath my tongue. 

            Making love to Coll always made me feel good.  Hearing the ecstasy in her voice, and knowing that I was the one giving her that joy really made me feel good.  She was by and far the best lover I had ever had in my life.  Grinding against my mouth now, I felt her muscles tightening up, wanting that release, and I sucked her clit into my mouth, tickling that little button with my tongue, and I was rewarded with the sounds of her cumming, and the feel of her grinding against my mouth, pulling my face as close to her as I could get and feeling her cum on my tongue.  I love going hiking!


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