It’s Love Like…

It’s love like, I swear I can feel my heart

swelling up and overflowing

just with the thought of never seeing her again,

and the love will leak out of my eyes.

It’s love like, her voice warms me,

cradles me, caresses me, holds me close,

even when it’s through the phone.

It’s love like, I find her totally fascinating

even if she’s talking about the most mundane thing you can imagine…

bread ties, or bar stools, or chicken feed…

it is still a conversation that will find me leaning in to it,

completely captivated and utterly enthralled.

It’s love like, just the touch of her arms around me

completely melts me,

and when I cry over the silliest things you can possibly imagine

she says, it’s okay.

It’s love like, she brought me home a coffee cup, that reminded me when we went on vacation

and I bawled like she’d bought me a diamond ring,

because, to me, it said,

she was thinking of me when she saw this cup and of our weekend together,

and she wanted to share that moment in time with me.


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