Please Excuse The Mess

I crumble to pieces in front of myself.
Not enough, never enough.  NEVER ENOUGH.
Emotions flowing through me like hot lava, 
scalding my soul,
searing my skin,
ripping the flesh from my bones.
Fold me in little shapes.
Origami me.  Fly me across the room.
Make me worthy of something.
Struggling to breathe, gasping,
awash in a sea of tears,
drowning in my infinite sorrow
that no one can see,
no one can feel,
and no one wants to know about.
Unfold me, smooth out the creases,
breathe life into me,
set me on fire,
Fucking menopause.  Mental pause.  Men will pause.
I wish I had claws,
to rip out my own heart,
chew on it awhile,
and then throw it to the dogs.
Eat me. 
Please excuse me while I laugh insanely.
Thus said The Scarecrow quite profanely.Image

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