Who I’m looking for –

I want a seamstress.  Someone to sew my heart into new positions, and mend my aching arms.

I want a chef.  Someone to simmer my juices, and slow-bake my soul.

I want a mechanic, too.  Someone good at fixing my lips into a smile, and welding my body into new shapes.

I want an Einstein who got dropped on her head, i.e., someone who isn’t afraid to laugh and smile, and yet someone who is intelligent.

I want an undercover operative who can decipher my smile and then slip unseen into my heart, leaving my senses reeling with only a vague remembrance of what was before.
Are you who I want?

Who I am

I am an explorer, and I will delve into all the dark recesses of the jungles of your mind, searching for whatever undiscovered treasure lies within you.

I am a sailor, and I will navigate through your storms as well as through the smooth open waters that define you.

I am a fast-moving northbound train, because you won’t see me coming when I burst into your heart, forever shattering your preset notions of ‘how life is supposed to be’.

I am a challenger variety puzzle book, and just when you think you have me figured out, you won’t be even able to find the page I’m already on.

I am a bag of potent potpourri, disturbing your senses, leaving you heady and slightly dizzy.
Am I who you’re looking for?


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