The Shower Scene…

          She dragged the razor carefully over her exposed skin, her mons pubis soapy with suds and warm water from the steamy shower playing behind her.  The water cascaded down her back and over the ample cheeks of her ass, as she leaned slightly forward, the razor in her right hand, her left holding her labia flat and tight, so as not to nick the delicate area.  She imagined the intake of her lover’s breath when she saw the final results.
They wouldn’t see each other for three more weeks and, at the end of that time, the now-slick and smooth skin would be very faintly and finely covered with short curly, downy-soft hair, making her pussy feel smooth and soft.  And, every day, for the next three weeks, she would lotion her arms, legs, neck, hands, feet, and pubic regions, making her skin soft and pliable for her lover’s mouth, and hands.  Leaning back against the shower wall, she daydreamed about how good those hands and that mouth were going to feel on her smooth skin.
Stepping out of the shower, she dried off very carefully, in between her toes, the valleys between her legs, the warm places behind her knees, everywhere.  Picking up the cream oil lotion that she had bought for its moisturizing abilities, she began to massage her calves and her knees, working her way around her ankles.  She smiled to herself as she imagined her lover’s soft hands caressing her legs.
Applying more lotion to her hands, she rubbed her inner thighs and then her stomach, thinking about the first time her lover had kissed her stomach, and how surprised she had been by the action.  She allowed her hands to roam up her body, spreading the silkiness of the lotion even higher, around her back, around her sides, and finally up both arms and shoulders.  She thought about her lover’s mouth biting at her shoulders, and she smiled again.  Cupping her breasts, one in each hand, she rubbed the lotion over them, tweaking the nipples, and again thinking of her lover’s hot mouth on this body part as well.      

Still naked, she sat on a kitchen chair, straddling it backwards, and propped one foot at a time on a second chair, working the lotion through her toes, deeply massaging her feet, kneading the lotion into her skin.  She thought about how much fun her mouth was going to have with her lover’s feet, and she smiled again.
Finishing with the lotion, she reached down to feel the silky smoothness of her mons and found her lips were wide open, exposed, in this position, and she couldn’t help but to push her left middle finger inside of the awaiting wetness.  Her right hand had found her clit at the same time, and she moaned as her eyes closed slightly at the sudden feelings stirring in her stomach and below.  She was still in the kitchen of the shared apartment, naked, and vulnerable.  What if her roomie came home unexpectedly, she thought, but her left hand continuing the gentle thrusting, and her eyes closed again as her head tilted backwards and her right hand circled her clit harder.

(Should I go on or have you had enough?)


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