Exotic, hypnotic, erotic.

She could be a drink at the bar.

Illusion, confusion, delusion.

She could be a rising star.

Spine-tingling, blood-curdling, bone-chilling.

She could be a crime scene’s fashion.

Mysterious, nefarious, delirious.

She could be a want-to-be writer’s passion.

Mesmerizing, fantasizing, hypnotizing.

She could be an old style romanticist.

Haunted, undaunted, yet flaunted.

She could be on a best seller list.

Loquacious, flirtatious, so gracious.

She could be in your dreams tonight.

Young, unsung, high-strung.

She could be wings without flight.

Perception, deception, conception.

She could be a million more things.

Cause she is a real being

with thoughts, and ideas, and dreams…

She is WOMAN.



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