My Marilyn Story

One year, I found a photo of Marilyn Monroe, not one that you saw all the time, but a less popular one, and I bought it, hung it on my living room wall.  Everyone that came over always said the same thing – Oh, that’s so pretty!  So, you like Marilyn, huh?

Yep, yep, I like Marilyn.

That year, for Christmas, I got 13 (thirteen!) big framed pictures of Marilyn from my friends and family.  By the time I hung them all, it looked like a freaking SHRINE to Marilyn in my living room.  Thirteen framed photos and/or art plus a plate and an ashtray.

So, after that, people would come over, and say, WOW, YOU LIKE MARILYN, HUH?

If they said that they liked a particular picture, I would take it down, and give it to them…by the end of the year, I had made 12 people happy, and I was back down to one Marilyn, and not even the one I started with!  And that is the one that I still have today.


And that – is my Marilyn story.


2 thoughts on “My Marilyn Story

  1. I adore her. I also have a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe canvas print on my wall. I talk to her every single day. lol. Some people talk to themselves and I talk to my Norma Jeane! haha.

    • Mine was bought and framed in California, just for me, and brought back to Florida as my souvenir of my friend’s trip out there. The guy who gave it to me died of AIDS years later. I will treasure it always.

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