Zoning Laws…

Let’s not idly ponder this, my love…or should we?
For we both know, no such thing will take place.
You have no intentions of leaving your comfort zone.
It is much too scary out here in the real world.
I am much too much for you, isn’t that a little bit true, my love?
I do think at times you consider it
but you think a little bit more and you un-consider it
…and it’s okay;
I’m not finding fault, trust me,
I just grow restless inside my own skin –
…wanting you crazily like I do.
I literally sit and shake my head
to clear away the cobwebs
that threaten my mornings
and cast shadows over my evenings.
And my dreams of a life with you
slip lazily in and out of my subconscious,
with memories of your sweet bed time kisses
fueling them, burning the insides of my eyelids,
the flames of my desire licking at my heart,
keeping the wounds alive.
I’m just attempting to change the zoning laws,
never quite grasping that it’s your vote I need.


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