I love rock-n-roll

    She held her favorite guitar in her strong hands and suddenly it flashed through my mind that I might be jealous of her guitar at that exact moment.  I shook my head to clear out such nonsensical thoughts.  I wanted her hands exactly where they were, occupied.  I wanted her to watch me but not touch me, at least not yet.  I was planning on making that very tempting, though.

      I had tied her legs to the wooden chair she sat in and she had watched me do this with a smile playing around the corners of her golden eyes but she never said a word.  I knew she might be tempted to get up and I wanted that option to be removed from the realm of possibilities.  She knew the rules, even though I wanted to be certain she understood them again.  If she quit playing, so did I, and my game didn’t involve music.

      I had positioned the chair at the foot of the bed to allow her a perfect view of ‘the festivities’, shall we say.  Her knees were touching the end of the bed, actually.  I crawled onto the bed now and arranged my body so that my feet were touching her knees.  I wanted her to feel me and I wanted to be close enough for her to see really well but just out of the reach of arm’s length for touching.  Perfect position, I thought.

      Spreading my legs wide open, I heard her draw her breath in.  She must have been able to see how wet I was for her.  Even without touching, I was positive I was soaking wet and my wetness must have glistened in my soft curls.  I looked at her face, seeing the want evident there, and said softly, “Will you please play a song for me, my love?”  Her eyes met mine and the look hung between us for a moment.  She wanted me, that much was evident on her face, and I wanted her to want me even more.

      Her fingers started to softly pick out chords and I could hear the music starting to flow out of her.  I moved my right hand to my clit as my left hand moved up to caress my left nipple.  I heard her breathing catch in her throat and her fingers faltered on a note.  I stopped moving my hands and laid very still.  She began to strum the strings again, and I knew the torment she was feeling inside for I had felt it only the day before as I watched her with her vibrator while I was tied to her bed.


      I continued to stroke my hardness and she continued to play, our movements matching one another.  I stroked faster and she played her guitar harder, I rocked my body and she rocked the room, I pushed my feet against her knees as I came and I felt her pushing back, her voice rising with mine.  After lying flat for a few minutes, staring at her ceiling, neither of us saying a word, I eased my shoulders up to look at her.  I knew instantly that she had came when I came, for the crotch of her jeans was soaking wet.  God, I love this woman, I thought to myself.  She’s absolutely perfect for me.  Of course, I could never tell her that, so I simply looked at her and said, “Thank you, babe.  Now, let’s get you untied, shall we?  And, by the way, I love it when you play rock-n-roll.


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