The View…

As the elevator doors opened, I blinked against the sudden sunlight, which only outlined the figure waiting there.  As my eyes adjusted, I was very glad they had, for stepping onto the elevator was a beautiful tall woman, impeccably dressed, her hair neatly combed and pulled back in a hair-tie.  She wore sunglasses, a scarf around her neck, and well-worn cowgirl boots.  She carried a camera bag across one shoulder, her left hand easily holding it against her body.

She held the doors and said, “Are you getting off?  I’ll hold this for you.”  I lied.  “No, thank you, I was just heading up actually.”

Oh.  Well, then are you going to the top as well?“, she asked, taking off her sunglasses and clipping them to her bag, which she had settled between her boots on the floor of the elevator.  As she straightened up, I found myself looking into the most beautiful golden brown eyes I had ever seen.  I continued to lie.  “Yes.  I’m headed to the observation deck.  I was just coming up from the underground parking garage.”

Oh really?  I didn’t even know this building had one.  Well, I guess I just learned something new.  I wonder when they put that in.  Huh.”
Obviously, by now, she had realized I was lying and a sudden silence fell between us.  Taking a deep breath, I turned toward her and stuck out my hand.  “Hi.  My name is Gina, and you’re right.  I lied.  There is no underground parking garage.  I apologize.”

Whoa.  Well, Gina, (if that is your real name), my name is Coll, and why did you lie about something so silly?

Because when I saw you get on, I couldn’t resist the temptation to ride back up with you.  You looked like someone I would like to…

             I stopped, suddenly understanding that I was starting to sound like an idiot and instead I reached toward the button to push the next floor.  We were only on 14.  I could easily walk back down and chide myself along the way.  As I reached for the button, Coll’s hand stopped mine.

           As I looked up into her eyes, she said, “I looked like someone you would like to…what?  Finish your sentence, please.”

           “Like someone I would like to get to know“, I said breathlessly, her hand burning my skin.

          “Oh really?  Get to know me?  How do you know I’m not happily married?

         “You’re not wearing a wedding ring“, I replied quickly.

          “What makes you think I’m gay?

          “I just know“, I said quietly.

          “Well, then what makes you think I want to get to know you?

         “Because you’re still holding my hand“, I said meekly.

          Pulling me to her, Coll kissed me, softly, quietly, and tenderly, running her tongue across my lips, tugging my bottom lip into my mouth and nibbling it oh so gently.  Melting onto her mouth, I returned the kiss passionately, wanting more of her mouth, more of her tongue.  Reaching up blindly, I pulled the hair-tie loose and ran my hands through her chestnut hair.  She didn’t seem to mind as her lips and tongue continued to make love to my mouth.  I pulled back to catch my breath and saw that we were passing the 94th floor.

        “Oh my GodThere are going to be people waiting to get on“, I said, suddenly aware that my blouse was unbuttoned.  I began to rebutton it and Coll began to tie her hair back up.  When the door opened on the 100th floor, we were breathless and blushing, or at least I was.  Coll took my hand and led me off the elevator.  The view of Chicago was breathtaking, but even more so, was the woman beside me.



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