Childhood Secrets…

Let’s see…where to start, where to start…how about in no particular order but only as they jump to mind.  Fourth grade…Ronald Stiers…my tall, dark and handsome crush.  He rode my bus and lived at a motel that his mother managed.  His sister was in sixth grade.  He talked me into stealing pencils…an entire classroom full of pencils.

I mean, this was way back, almost right after the dinosaurs disappeared, and we had those wooden desks that had a groove across the top to put your pencil in.  So the plan was…once the entire classroom and teacher had exited for the afternoon, while everyone was loading up on the buses, I would run back to class, take every pencil off of every desk and bring them to him on the bus where he would be sitting, waiting for me, saving a seat.  (Yes, I realize now that was wrong.)  But back then, eh, not so much.  And in the morning, everyone was astounded that their pencils were gone.

I did this twice.  On the second time, when I got to the bus, his sister was waiting.  (I can only assume that she must have found out from him on the first day he came home with an armload of pencils where he got them.)  Anyway, she was in sixth grade and to me, that was HUGE, so when she said she would tell if I didn’t stop it, I not only stopped it, I barely spoke to Ronald Stiers after that.  Well, almost.  He did talk me into stealing a couple of quarters from the teacher’s pocketbook because I got to sit up front by her because I was such a good little girl.  I know, I know!  Trust me, I know.  Hey, maybe this is WHY I’m gay.  Nah, probably not.  😛  What a shit I was.

Fourth grade must have been my moment.  I also found a miniature deck of cards that Kenny, my adopted brother who was in eighth grade, had hidden.  They had naked and almost naked women on them.  Yeah, they were HOT.  Actually HAWT.  And I took them to school and passed them out, until some fool at the front of the row passed them to the teacher, who wanted to know where they came from.  Everyone looked at me, and I said I found them in my desk.  It just so happened that we shared the room with another class and the boy who sat in that seat then was a “known troublemaker”, so everyone assumed they were his and no one believed him when he said they weren’t.  I can’t remember his name, but he probably grew up to have a police record.ImageAnd seriously now, don’t I look innocent???

I am adding a PS to this re Ronald Stiers.  I didn’t see Ronald Stiers again until I was in tenth grade.  Of course he was still tall, dark and handsome and didn’t even know me when he passed me in the hall.


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