Someone’s Watching…


      She was glistening as if her body was covered in a million diamonds.  She took the towel from her hair and began to dry the sparkling water droplets from her shoulders, then from her breasts and her waist, and then from the front of her legs, putting one leg at a time up on a chair and toweling behind her knees, around her ankles, between her toes, and then she began to dry the area between her legs.  She took the towel, reaching around to dry her buttocks, and the backs of her thighs.  I was completely mesmerized by this time, unable to break my focus from her body.

      What a wonderful show she was giving me, taking the time to dry herself completely.  Funny, because, as she was getting drier, I was getting wetter.  I almost giggled out loud at that thought but that would have given away my presence, hidden as I was in her closet.  She was drying her back now, with one hand above her head and the other around the side of her, running the towel back and forth against her back.  I loved this part of her shower routine for I got to watch her perky young breasts bounce as she toweled herself off completely.  I wondered sometimes what she would have thought had she known I was watching.

      She always showered at the exact same time every day, laying her clothes across her desk chair before heading into the shower.  And I always secreted myself in her closet, while she was in the shower, adjusting the slats slightly to allow viewing while allowing me to remain undetected.  My young roommate was a very beautiful woman in her early 30s and my desire for her was unmistakable, well, if things like that can be measured in wetness and hard nipples.  Working from home can sometimes have it’s advantages and this was definitely one of them, watching her shower and get ready to leave for work every day.

      Today, on my way into the closet, I had grabbed up her gray string panties from the floor where she had shed her clothes, and I brought them to my nose now and breathed her in.  Oh my God, she smelled so sweet.  The thought of her hot pussy being against the crotch of those panties made my knees weak and I steadied myself against the wall of the closet.  She was through drying off now and I watched as she shook out her hair once more.  Oh, what beautiful thick black hair she had.  I wanted to run my hands through it, and feel it across my thighs in the worst kind of way, but I contented myself with watching her, with my hand in my shorts, my fingers between my legs, of course, stroking myself very gently.

      Hanging the towel on a hook behind the door, she crossed the room to her dresser and opened the third drawer.  Oh yes!  I almost came right then.  The third drawer of her dresser held a very important item, her vibrator.  This wasn’t part of her daily routine but, every once in a while, she ‘relieved her tension’ before work and I practically lived for those moments.  After making sure her door was locked, she laid down on the bed, knees up in the air, feet flat on the bed, and spread her legs wide open.  I had a perfect view of her beautiful pussy at this moment and I could see the dark spot where her wetness was.  I wondered how wet she got while using that vibrator…I wondered if she got as wet as I did from watching her use it.

      Her left hand was caressing her breasts and I found my left hand doing the same thing, pinching my nipples slightly, with her panties wrapped around my hand, my eyes closing for a second at the intense pleasure this brought to me.  Funny, I saw her eyes doing the same thing and her mouth was open a little bit, too.  Her right hand had started trailing down her side, across her stomach, and then down in between her lips, into that wetness.  She moaned out loud and I had to stifle my own cries against her panties, breathing in the sexy smell of her.  At this point, she turned the vibrator on and the little hum that it gave out made my knees weak again.  My fingers started to move faster against my clit as I watched her moving the vibrator over her clit.

      Her cries of ecstasy were coming faster now and a little louder.  I was having a hard time keeping silent and finally I just put her panties in my mouth and held them there with my teeth, enjoying the feeling of the silk against my tongue as much as I enjoyed the dirty little thought that they had been on her pussy only a half hour before.  Without consciously thinking about it, my tongue started to lick the crotch of her panties.  I found I liked having the taste of her in my mouth while my fingers moved faster and faster over my clit and she moved the vibrator harder and harder around her clit.  We came together, her moans filling the bedroom and my moans filling her panties.

      Moving so swiftly, I almost didn’t see her until the last moment, she crossed the bedroom and opened the closet door.  “I knew you were in here!”  The shocked look on her face must have matched the one on my face.  Suddenly she started laughing and she reached up, taking her panties from between my teeth.  “Why are you chewing on my panties?  If you wanted to taste my pussy, all you had to do was ask!  It’s you I’m thinking about when I’m masturbating anyway.”  And, upon saying that, she leaned in and kissed me, with my right hand still between my legs….


3 thoughts on “Someone’s Watching…

    • I had a wonderful time. Beach time, catching up with old friend time, and lots and lots of grandson time. Thanks for asking. And your trip…did it put to rest old ghosts or have I missed a blog or two?

      • Sounds like it was just what you needed. I’m glad you’ve had a good time. You’ve not missed anything I think my trip gave me a much needed reality check. I’m working hard on moving forwards and I’ve put a lot to rest. If anything I’ve deleted at least half of my blog posts and I’m moving on. Thank you so much for asking. Maria x

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