Hello, beautiful…

Hello, beautiful.

It wasn’t what she said

or even how she said it.

It was how she captured my heart

by saying it to me…

Hello, beautiful.

It was what I grew accustomed to hearing

and I loved the way it stroked my ears.

It was how I hungered to be addressed

when no one was around.

Hello, beautiful.

It was so touching and pleasing

when I heard her say it

and it pleased me

to touch her and please her as well.

Hello, beautiful.

When I heard her say the words recently,

they hurt like a knife blade going in.

I was shocked, leaving me uneasy.

It wasn’t me to whom she was talking.

Hello, beautiful.

I heard it on the day we met

and it sounded so foreign then.

I heard it on the day we parted

and it sounded foreign then too.

Hello, beautiful.

When I hear it now,

they’re just two words

that ring hollow without meaning.

What a difference a day makes.

Why, hello, beautiful!

(I think I’ll start using them myself….)


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