The lust inside of me rages with a torrent,
succumbing to it builds me up,
lifts me higher until I’m free,
twisting in the wind,
and like a rainbow’s arc, so am I,
curved and colorful under
lust’s touch.

The lust inside of me consumes me,
devours my thoughts,
forces my legs apart,
pushes my hands down,
deeper, harder, faster, MORE.
More of you, more of me,
MORE, please.
The please is only the roots
of my raising showing through.
What I really want is
to be taken, again and again,
to be held, to be wanted,
to be desired
and used by lust, for lust, with lust.
Lust for me, please.

The lust inside of me creates
and burns, nothing is wrong,
everything is usable, viable,
comfortable, compatible,
just do it, just do me.
Fuck me, suck me,
make me, take me.
I want to feel you,
inside of me,
on top of me,
penetrating, recreating
again and again,
the lust inside of me.Image


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