You know how sometimes things just never occur to you, until they happen…

It was cold the night Brian got burnt.  We had a fire going in the fireplace and all was well, right up until it wasn’t any more.  We did not have a playpen back then as he was only five and a half months, just starting to roll over good, and I thought I had a little bit more time before buying one of those things.  But I was only 18 years old, so what did I know?

I had dressed him warmly that night…footy pajamas over a thin tee shirt…and he was lying on a quilt in the dining room floor, cooing.  The fireplace was in the living room, on the other side of a couch.  The phone rang in the bedroom, just thru a door off the living room.  We had been standing together, barefooted, on the hearth, butts to the fire when it rang and I went to get it, my husband following me.

It took just a couple of minutes for Brian to roll over to the hearth and start screaming.  He was warm when I picked him up and started peeling off his clothes and the blisters were already forming on his forearms.  He had rolled over onto the hearth, landing on those tender forearms – the hot stones searing him though we had stood on them with bare feet.

Twenty fours days in the children’s ward, two surgeries on his left forearm, skin grafts from his buttocks, and a million wishes for a go-back button.  I never left the hospital, not even once.  We left the hospital on the day before Christmas.   For the remainder of his short life, that white scar was clearly visible.

It just takes a minute or two for an accident to happen that can change everything in your life.  Be aware, be afraid, be alert and never think it can’t happen to you.


6 thoughts on “Burns…

  1. Brian lived to be a few months past four years old and was a constant joy in my life. This past June he would’ve turned 34 years old and I still think about him and still wish for that go back button.

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