Long Distance Friends

Thoughts of you bring a certain melancholy wistfulness
for things that seem
just beyond the grasp,
just out of sight,
just around the bend,
just beneath the skin –
in shades of black-and-white pastels,
even though that makes no sense,
and yet,
none of this life makes sense.
None of it.
And as my heart wrings itself out,
and tries again and tries again,
with only time on my side and time against me…
like two souls on opposite sides of a swinging door,
both pushing to the center,
and neither budging,
I weep.
I weep for the love you’ve lost as well as my own,
for I can feel the good in you,
and the love in you,
even from another space in time.
And I wish you had longer arms so you could eat the moon..


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