Good morning…

The minutes slipped away as I lay there watching Lori’s pulse jump in the hollow of her neck.  She was on her back with her head resting in the crook of her arm, breathing lightly through barely parted lips.  I expected her eyes to lazily open, cut in my direction, and for her to start speaking.  She didn’t stir. 


Her soft, supple skin was even-toned like raw sugar.  One dark nipple peeked from beneath the strip of linen covering her upper body.  The rest of the sheet went under one leg and over another, exposing a shapely thigh and calf.  The first rays of sunlight sliced through a narrow angle of the shade and cut across her face.  It was reassuring to see that Lori’s shyness disappeared when she slept. 


Her chest rose and fell underneath the sheet so rhythmically that the barely exposed nipple became hypnotic.  I licked her where her breast touched the sheet.  She didn’t flinch.  I tasted her again, this time pulling her languid nipple into the ‘O’ of my mouth.  I tugged on her breast, rolling my tongue across its peak and around the sensitive bud.  Lori’s breathing changed.  I took that as a signal to continue. Her eyes were now open and she watched as my tongue moved across her flesh.  Pleasure overrode my doubts and insecurities about my ability to please her.  Her nakedness felt like something I should wallow in. 


She shifted, exposing her other breast more fully and I moved on top of her, latching onto her greedily.  Her eyes drifted shut and she moaned low in her throat.  I kneaded and massaged her flesh, pushing her breasts together so that I could flick my tongue over both of her nipples.  She trailed her fingers along my hairline and over my earlobe.  I was grinding my hips against the mattress, my own need starting to take over.


Lori’s response was encouraging and arousing, but I didn’t want to push for more and have her change her mind.  I eased onto my side, levering myself on my elbow, and smiled down at her.  “What,” she asked, tilting her head without raising it from the pillow.  The softly spoken word held affection, but it was pregnant with something else.  “Nothing,” I replied, sure that she was asking me what I was thinking, and certain that I didn’t want to share my thoughts.  “I want to taste you.” 


It was such a matter of fact statement, like ‘I want bread’.  I moved closer to her and hooked my right leg over her hip.  She closed her eyes for an instant when my naked wetness came in contact with her thigh.  I met her gaze and watched the knowledge of our conversation pass over her face.   


When she nodded yes, I placed a quick kiss on her stomach and on her hip and then moved on to her nether lips.  Parting her with my tongue without ceremony or fanfare, I pushed my tongue into her pussy and licked her like she was a cake bowl that I was trying to clean.  I wasn’t sure if her gasp was one of pleasure or surprise, but she tilted her pelvis up to my mouth and her creaminess was on my tongue.  There was no way I was going to stop.


            The only noise in the dimly lit room was our breathing and my wet tongue stroking her wet pussy.   Her pubic hair was short and soft, not unlike the hair on her head.  Errant gray strands stood out in wiry defiance reminding me of the gaps in our age and experience.  This fact turned me on even more.  The faint taste of soap was overridden by her juiciness.  The mix of her body chemistry and the hint of what she’d bathed with intoxicated me. 


I lapped at her, begging her body to release the secrets of her soft places.  She grunted and I knew I had hit the right spot, repeating the motion again and again until her hips undulated in time with her moans.  She sighed out what could have been a yes and I pressed my face more deeply into her.  Her nails dug into my scalp urging me to apply more pressure as she pushed my head into her.


“Oh yes, lick me right there,” she said, her hips grinding in a tight circular motion.  I almost panicked for a half second, but I wanted to please her.  Her thrusts were coming faster and I felt her weight shift as her back pressed into the mattress and her hips came up to meet my mouth.  The pressure on my head increased and I licked harder, groaning my pleasure.  I continued to hold her open with one hand and, in one fluid movement, I positioned the other hand between my own legs.  I knew my climax would be a few beats behind hers.  I moaned in time to her body’s movements, seeking her release.  She came in strained gasps, her hands on my face, holding me in place.  

It was going to be a good morning.


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