There once was a china doll
who sat way back on a shelf.
Next to her was Raggedy Ann,
and, beside her, a silly old elf.

Down on the shelf below
stood a handsome toy soldier
all decked out in his dress blues
How she wished for his strong arms to hold her.

The china doll remembered quite well
the day the toy soldier arrived.
How crisp and fresh his uniform!
How vibrant he seemed and alive!

She flirted with him almost daily
and developed quite a routine.
But he never seemed to notice her,
although he was never mean.

The toy soldier was indeed quite smitten,
unbeknownst to the china doll above,
but not with her, for it was Raggedy Ann
with whom he had fallen in love.

But Raggedy Ann did not know this
and indeed did not love him back.
For she was in love with the china doll
who sat next to her on the shelf in the back.Image


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