Brian was an awesome big brother.  My daughter barely talked until he died; she never needed to.  “Charlotte, do you want a sandwich?”…Brian would answer, “Yes, she does and I’ll have one too.” and Charlotte would nod.  They were inseparable.

When he died, she asked, practically nonstop mind you, “Where’s Brian?  Where’s Brian?  Where’s Brian?”  I thought I would go mad.  Then about a week later, a friend’s little girl, age 4, took her into her bedroom and shut the door.  When they emerged a few minutes later, she never asked again.  When I asked Cory what she’d told Charlotte, she said, “I told her Brian went to Heaven to be with God.”

When she was 12, she came home from school with a family tree form to fill out.  I filled in grandparents names, etc.Image and finally Brian’s name.  She said, “I had a brother?”  She didn’t remember him at all.


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