Love Interrupted…

mia pesca dolce…my little peach
She softly whispered those words in my ear,
her voice low and sultry, caressing my soul as she did so.
mia amore bella…my beautiful love
I softly whispered back, breathing her essence into my lungs,
gently brushing my lips, across her tender heart as I did so.
Snap! Flash! The paparazzi hurled their questions,
their cameras snapped away, motors whirred, lenses turned,
A million moments crushed into one, single, photograph…
And the headlines read…
Actress Caught in Clandestine Lesbian Affair!
See Real-Life Photos of Their Secret Liaison!
I turned away, held my tears, love interrupted
by brutal ignorance, sordid accusations…
this savage public shredding of our hearts
causing two more casualties
of forbidden passions
And the next day,
the headlines read…
Two-Headed Monster Found in Lake!
Another love interrupted…
for only one day’s pay.

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