Life’s Questions…

Life’s Questions…

Hello, may I?, I asked.

You may, she replied.

Are you?, I inquired.

I am, she replied.

Do you?, I implored.

I do, she sighed.

Can I?, I asked.

Please do, she prayed.

Will you?, I asked.

I will, she replied.

Right now?, I queried.

Right now, she defied.

Right here?, I asked.

Right there, she surrendered.

Still more? I asked.

Please, more, she pleaded.

Again?, I persisted.

Again!, she screamed.

Thank you, I whispered.

Thank you, she sighed.

Not ever?, I cried.

Not now, she cried.

Maybe some day?, I wondered.

Maybe one day, she pondered.

Still love me?, I asked.

Still love you, she replied.

For always?, I demanded.

Forever, she promised.

Life’s Answers


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