“All of us are travelers lost, our tickets arranged at a cost unknown but beyond our means.”

My dearest,
Pretty flowers sit next to my bathroom sink
bright yellow daisies, vivid purple butterfly catchers,
and yet they pale in comparison to your breathtaking beauty.

Moments spent without you last for an eternity,
and yet,
days spent with you last only for the blink of an eye…

I am lost at sea without a guide,
my heart banging a tin cup against the cage of my ribs,
“let me out, let me out, let me out”
but I ignore it, for without you, there is no way out.

I just want the happiness put back in our days,
the joy put back in our moments,
the light put back in your eyes,
and the smile back on your face when you think of me.

Life is so short, my love…please let me back in.
I admit it, I confess –
I am lost without you.


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