Massage anyone?

I want to rub your shoulders, your neck, your back, your legs, your feet.   I want to massage your scalp, your cheeks, your ears, your breasts, your stomach, your hips, your thighs, your knees.   I want to caress your hands and rub each separate division of each finger, one at a time, slowly tenderly relaxing your muscles.

I want to start at the top of your head and continue down until I have massaged each individual toe, slowly reducing you to a trembling pile of flesh and bones, forcing you to either beg me to stop or beg me to continue, and then bring you back to human shape and satisfy your mind as well.

I want to drink you, long and deep, quenching this thirst you have created within me.  I want to feed on you, satisfying this hunger you have given me, this lust for your body, this lust for your soul, this lust for your mind!

I want you, my love, as no woman has ever wanted another before…and then I want you again.


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