You are a song.

My own personal response to The Seeker, by Rainer Rilke.

The Seeker:
I live my life in ever widening circles,
each superseding all the previous ones.
Perhaps I never shall succeed in reaching
the final circle, but attempt I will.

I circle around God, the ancient tower,
and have been circling for a thousand years,
and still I do not know; am I a falcon,
a storm, or a continuing great song?

My response:
Dearest love,
I fear that I am but a storm –
tempest by nature,
blowing strong and robust for a while
but eventually dying down,
and then disappearing.

I believe that you though, dearest little one,
are a continuing great song…
sung in different melodies
for different times of your life…
but always that one song that springs to mind,
the one that you can’t just banish from your thoughts
but rather a song that lingers,
and stains the heart….
a song that will only get better with age…
a song that fifty years from now will still sound
just as sweet to the ears,
and to the soul.


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