It’s raining,
And I wish you were here,
curled up in my arms,
kissing my neck as my fingers press inside you,
feeling the air leave your lungs as you gasp,
cry out ‘oh babe’ while I fuck you harder,
your mouth finding mine,
trembling kisses meshed within your cries of ecstasy,
love flowing between us as hot lava on an island,
for surely we are alone in this world we’ve created….
hot tears now,
tracing a stream down my face,
racing for the finish line of my chin,
my shirt catching them,
as reality sinks into my brain.
You aren’t mine.
You aren’t mine.
But I’m yours,
body and soul,
heart and mind.
I’m the one you’ve dreamed about,
the one who loves you unconditionally,
the one who will always love you without fail.
I am your soul mate.


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