The Natural History of The Senses

Hey there!

If you never read anything else, it is important that you read, The Natural History of The Senses, by Diane Ackerman.  I was only 80 pages into the 320 page book, and so many times I went, “Ahhh” when the light bulb came on.  A MUST READ.  It almost explains love; in fact, I think it does in the other 240 pages.  Yes, it’s that good.   Read it and read it slowly so you don’t miss a word and then share it, recommend it, buy it as gifts for EVERYONE you know.  I think everyone in the world should be exposed to the chapter on Touch.

I have been reading it slowly, just a page or two every night before bedtime, and seriously, I can feel it changing my life.  The way I look at things, even the way I inhale now.  Such simple details, and yet they are details which are enriching my life.  Did you know that they massage premature babies?  Because it’s proven that they gain weight 50% faster than un-massaged babies.  And on their 8-month checkup, they’re smarter, and more emotionally in control, and more stable.  HUGS WORK.  Hug everyone you know.  Spread the gift of touch!

There are actually studies with primates showing that a deprivation of touch causes brain damage, which is manifested as aberrant behavior.  And it makes me wonder about people like the Columbine kid – was he truly just not hugged enough?  Was Charles Manson deprived of love as a baby?  Is this what causes evil in society – I mean, can we trace it back to something so simple as ‘touch’?

*climbs down off of soapbox*  Okay, I’m done now.

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!


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