Boston Bound

As I walked out of the plane, I knew I was walking into an unknown situation.  I had read my love’s emails a hundred times.  The instructions were very specific.  My heart started to pound a little at just the thought of her and what she might have planned.  With my overnight bag in my hand, I paused inside the terminal and leaned against the wall.  Closing  my eyes for a brief moment, I imagined what she might do to me and I instantly felt a little weak in my knees and I knew I had better start walking a little faster because someone was waiting for me in another part of Boston.

      My love was very exact.  I was to hail a cab and give him an address in the South End of Boston, a location I had never been to.  I was to arrive at a certain time, not before and definitely not late.  Timing was very important apparently.  She had told me to find a bench and she would find me.  My heart had started racing again at the very thought of what she might be planning for our ‘continued exploration’, as we liked to call it.

      I didn’t hear her approach, but rather her voice simply appeared next to my ear, “Hi there, cutie”.  She always knew how to make me blush instantly.  I stood up and there she was, just like I remembered her, incredibly tall and beautiful in jeans, boots, and a black silk shirt that tied at the waist, and, of course, wearing a really big smile that made me melt inside.  My eyes couldn’t help but note the sash tied around her slender waist and I blushed again, remembering the last time I had saw that sash or rather, used that sash.  Her eyes followed the direction of my gaze and she grinned as she linked her arm in my arm and steered me towards the apartment building she lived in.  “Oh,  we are going to have such a good time”, she laughed teasingly as she said these words into my ear.  Oh my, I thought, it was indeed going to be a promising and wonderful weekend.

     We took the stairs up to the second floor and she led the way down the hall, my eyes following the swish of her ass with every step.  God, that woman drives me insane with desire.  I find myself getting those little tingles again.  She stopped before a massive door and glanced back at me, smiling from ear to ear.  “Close your eyes”, she said, her voice suddenly a little huskier than before.  It wasn’t to be the last time I would hear those words said in that order with that voice during this long October weekend.  “I want to surprise you”, she finished and took my bag from my hand.  I dutifully closed my eyes tightly and I heard her keys hit the lock of the door.  “Stand very still.  I will be right back.  No peeking, and I mean it”.  The tingles had hit full time inside my panties.  What was she up to, I couldn’t help but wonder.

      A few minutes went by and I wondered if she was making me wait on purpose, to heighten my anticipation.  It was definitely working.  I felt a whoosh of air suddenly and knew the door had opened back up.  I felt her step closer to me but she didn’t say a word.  I wondered if she was checking to see if I had kept my promise of ‘no peeking’.  I had, completely.  I felt her fingers on my hand and I instinctively grabbed for her fingers, interlocking them with mine.  She said, “Welcome to my home, babe.  You can open your eyes now.”  I stepped forward and into her apartment, knowing as I did so that my life was about to change forever.

      The next few hours were a whirlwind of meeting her dogs and getting my absolute fill of ‘dog loving’ coupled with a tour of her apartment.  Everything was beautiful and she was beaming from ear to ear just as much as I’m sure I was.  All the excitement of a ‘new person’ in the house wore the dogs out eventually and soon enough their snores from the couch were all we could hear.  My love had disappeared as I sat resting, and she suddenly appeared in the doorway of her bedroom with a “Psst, c’mere” and a quick duck back out of sight as soon as my head turned in that direction.  I got up, stretched, and walked to her room.  A moment before I would’ve reached the doorway, I heard, “Close your eyes”.  I did as I was told immediately.

      “Strip off your clothes, please”, is what I heard next.  “And do keep your eyes closed, babe.”  I was almost trembling inside my skin, as her voice had that edge to it again.  I did as I was instructed and I felt her beside me, taking my clothes from me.  She took my arm and led me to the bed and asked me lie down and ‘assume the position’.  I knew instantly what she wanted and I obeyed, spreading my legs apart as far as I could and raising my hands above my head, together, with my fingers interlaced, left palm to right back.  I felt her tying my hands to the top of her bed and then each ankle was placed in a tie as well, allowing me a little freedom of a few inches but my hands were pretty tightly bound.  “You may open your eyes now”.

      As I did so, my eyes tried to take in everything that I saw at once.  The soft glow from the burning candles casting faint dancing shadows, and my love…radiant and beautiful in a black lace teddy that accentuated her very curvy body.  God knows, I love that woman’s hips!  She was standing at the foot of the bed, with her hands on the footboard.  “Welcome to my home and a weekend you will never forget.”  I shivered a little in spite of myself.  She must have saw the tremor run through me for she smiled a little wickedly and I could see a twinkle in her eyes.  “Do you like what you see?”, she asked and I nodded vigorously.  “Good, because you won’t be able to see me again until I allow you to see me”, and, as she said that, the black sash from her silk blouse appeared in her hands and she stepped around the end of the bed toward me.

Leaning over me, she looked into my eyes and asked me one more question, “Do you trust me, babe?”  Yes,  was all I could whisper, my voice having been lost the moment I saw her gorgeous body in that outfit.  “Good” was all she said and then she kissed me, passionately, deeply, and lingering, nibbling softly at my bottom lip as she withdrew.  “I love you”, and with those words, she tied the sash around my head.  “I love you, too”, I whispered into the blackness that now surrounded me in the crisp of the night air.


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