The Prequel to the Charmin Diaries.

                                                                FROM THE DESK OF ANGEL SOFT…

The bitterness of my childhood memories still haunts me…roll, wipe, roll, wipe!  Egad!  My only solace now is my sweet revenge.

Ahh, yes, sweet revenge and how sweet it is going to be!  Revenge for that painful lesson, taught to me so long ago by Northern, The Great Pretender as he shall always be known to me.  “Oh, Angel Soft, you are so beautiful.  Surely, you are destined to become something magnificent!”

Yeah, right, buddy!  All you wanted was a piece of ass.  You back-stabbing son-of-a-bitch.

So, yeah, I relish in the fact that I spread lies to my fellow ‘good deed doers’.  I chuckle when I think of how I told that little cutie pie, Charmin, how he was “going to be a notepad and work for NASA”.  Oh, I could barely contain my glee at telling such a whopper.  He ate it up with a spoon.  Or when I told that stupid little bitch, Cotton Elle, that she was going to be stuffing bras for pretty teenage girls with flat chests.  Yeah, one time maybe.

Oh, my goodness, these suckers are so gullible.  They all want to be “better” than me.  HA!  It’s hand to ass combat time, baby….and, eventually, we all smell the cardboard.


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