My Ode to Bacon

Bacon, bacon, fried in a pan

Do you love me the way I am?

I dream of you when I wake at night

Can’t wait to get up, get you in my sight

Grab a little piece of you,

put you in my mouth, begin to chew

your juices flowing down my chin

as my face puts on a happy grin

Oh bacon, bacon where have you been

The ways that I love you, let me begin

Wrapped around a piece of meat

In a biscuit, you can’t be beat

Melted with cheese on hot toast

To tell the truth, I love you the most.

How is it that you’re so great

Yet I cheat on you when you’re off my plate

With your Cousin Ham and Brother Ribs

I’ll eat your sister if I’m given dibs.

Here, piggy piggy, come to me

I’ll love you the best just wait and see.



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