Oh Kitchen Light, why do you smoke pot?

I’m pretty sure that my overhead kitchen light is a stoner.  Now, before you say, that can’t possibly be true, just listen.  Whenever I turn on the kitchen light switch, nothing happens although sometimes I’ll admit, I do get a faint dismal glow.  Then, after about ten minutes, I swear I hear coughing and the light will come on about halfway.  And then, just as I’m leaving the kitchen area, having finished whatever task, the light will come on really bright.  I can almost hear Keanu Reeves going, “Dude, whoa, did I forget to come on?  Oh man, I’m so sorry, dude!

We all knew that long-haired stoner guy in high school, the one who never had his books, who was usually late to class, who would be walking down the hall really slow, and who’s eyes were usually really red.  I’m reasonably certain he grew up to be my overhead kitchen light.  It explains why my Kool-aid jug is always empty.  It explains why Oreos never last in our house.  And why our kitchen sometimes smells ‘earthy’.


3 thoughts on “Oh Kitchen Light, why do you smoke pot?

  1. Can you send me some of the stuff that your kitchen light is on? I may be able to identify the problem and in return we can exchange. My earthy stuff is really mellow and doesn’t cause a cough 🙂

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