My Granny…

My grandmother is/was Blessie Padgett Thompson Davis.  I never knew all those names before.  She was my Granny and she was Blessie Davis but the other two names are recent additions to my knowledge of my granny.  She was married before she married my grandfather.  I don’t know for how long or if that union produced any children.

And just last night, I learned that 1933 was a particularly bad year for my grandmother.  She had a daughter, Clara Elizabeth Jane, who was born and died on the same day, February 16, 1933 and four days later, my grandfather died.  I wonder if this was a virus or the flu or just incredible bad luck.

I just learned this morning that 1963 was also not a good year for my grandmother.  Her daughter Lottie died in June of 1963 and her son-in-law was driving the car that my father was riding in when he was killed in November of 1963.  I cannot even begin to imagine my grandmother’s life at that time and place; she had custody of me as a two-year-old when all this was going on, burying two of her children five months apart.

I love you, Granny, for as long as I can remember being alive and I always will.


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