The Only One


You will come to me, wrapping your arms around me. And I want, no, I crave so badly to touch, to taste, to enjoy, to savor the heat between your legs. I already know it will be thick like honey, sweet and luscious, and I know your desire will be visible, practically dripping down your thighs. Your perfect pink-tipped breasts will feel so soft in my hands, which will dance across the exposed skin like a ballerina, only delicately touching and teasing.

My lips will brush your skin, barely tracing the surface.  The arch in your back will push your breasts closer to my mouth, for they will, oh yes, they will ache to come closer to my mouth.  They will long, no, they will beg for more of my tongue, my mouth….my touch.  Your lips will beg for more of my lips as well and our mouths will desperately want, no, crave to be intertwined…kissing with you will be so deep and passionate and sensual, and we will give in, we will have to give in to each other.

Our arousal will be swift, our first initial heat will be claimed quickly, and then the real lovemaking will begin…a delicate blend of raw sensuality, raw sex, and raw passion – a delectable feast for your tongue; a delicious treat for mine…we will tease each other, taste each other, and indulge our senses.  My mouth and my tongue will taste and delight in your body spasm.  It will be the sweetest sin, this give and take of each other, feeding our desires, spreading each other, consuming each other, as our tongues taste again and again.

May I? Yes! Can I? Yes! Will you? Yes!  We  will have trust and faith in each other, ensuring complete satisfaction.  My head will dip, my lips will spread to take in more, more, always more.  And you will offer more, more, always more to me!  You will come to crave your body within my mouth.

My arms will pull you to me…more, I need, no, I must have more of you…I need to feel your thighs across mine, skin rubbing skin.  I want to drown in my desire for you…I will be so very wet, so very slick, enticing you, as I divulge my secrets.  My tongue will mate with your tongue, binding us together.  We will thrill each other.  We will smell each other’s heat.  You will be my warm liquid pleasure.  Our muscles will ache afterward, our tongues will ache, our lips will be bruised and slightly tattered, almost puffy.  And still the desire to kiss each other will be more than we can handle and still we will kiss.

Yes, my sweetness, you will say, as I tug your lower lip with my teeth.  And, still, I will desire more of your sweet, sweet nectar.  I will be your lover.  I will descend on your body and taste every inch of you, licking, caressing, tasting you, the very soul of you will be in my mouth…once will never be enough, how could it be with us?  For I love you and I will seek your body in my sleep, in my waking moments, when you are near and when you are not, for once I‘ve laid down with you, I will be lost without you…once I have felt your climax with my mouth, once I have felt you shudder under my touch, there will be no giving you up…I will never be able to go back to being just your friend.  I will be your lover. Your womanly scent and taste will never fail to arouse me…your touch will never fail to stimulate me…your kiss will never leave a question of whether you love me ornot.  Whether you will realize it or not, you will possess me as I will possess you, inside.

You will be the only one who knows me.


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