Day 23 of my gratitudes:

Day 23 of my gratitudes:
I am grateful for sunrises.  They teach us that the world hasn’t stopped spinning yet, plus they’re so dang beautiful!  Get to the beach!  Hurry!  I have actually gotten up at 2 AM just to drive to the beach to make it before sunrise and then driven home for a nap.
I am grateful for grandmothers.  Mine was awesome.
I am grateful for teachers.  If you haven’t thanked a teacher in your lifetime, do so.  They work long hours for shorter pay.  They put up with our angels and princes.  And if your child is lazy, they get fussed out about it, from somebody down the line.  They have sleepless nights and anxious days sometimes and sometimes there’s fear because of the bad things that go on out there.  Thank you, Mrs. Lamb (my eighth grade English teacher) for instilling the questions in me, for believing in me, for making me want to be you.  You were my second hero.  Thank you, Mrs. Harrison (my second grade teacher), because you were my first hero.  You were kind to me when kindness was in short supply all around me.  TEACHERS ROCK!  Tell one today that you’re grateful you can read this!


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