Day 25 of my gratitudes:

Day 25 of my gratitudes:
I am grateful for my old friend and companion, Lucy Ho, my sable colored Chinese shar-pei.  Lucy set a standard so high that I still miss her although she died in 2001.  I am so very grateful that I got to meet her and to know her for eight years.  That level of friendship is something I would hope everyone could have in their life.
I am grateful for photographs, those tangible squares that are all I have left of some of the finest people I ever met.
I am grateful for apples – sweet, tart, crispy, delicious – also good for throwing at mean trees in the land of Oz, and for putting that silly ass Snow White in a coma.  Shame on her, living with 7 dwarfs out in the woods.  What a hussy. 

Have a great day and don’t forget to be grateful.


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