13 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

1.  I still cry when I watch the Wizard of Oz, even though I know the ending.
2.  I have fired a lot of guns in my life, including a 20-gauge shotgun, a 22-rifle, and a Luger handgun.
3.  The first time I had something published, I was in the 8th grade and it was a poem in the local paper, sent in by my teacher, Mrs. Lamb, and the poem was called, Silent Midnight.  I still have the original copy of it, hand-written, from 1974.
4.  I love the smell of leather and, once or twice, I have spent over an hour in a shop, smelling the insides of wallets and purses. 
5.  I read The Exorcist in the middle of the night in the kitchen of the house I was raised in, with all the lights on (the old lady must have been in the hospital, or that never would have worked).  I was about 14 or 15. 
6.  I have always secretly wondered what it would be like to “hop a moving train”, and then I watched Fried Green Tomatoes, and I totally no longer have that desire. 
7.  I have literally saved my own life at least a dozen times, from choking, by physically putting my fingers down my throat, grasping and pulling back up what I was choking on.
8.  I do not believe in either Heaven or Hell and yet I can’t seem to help myself from capitalizing both.
9.  When I was a teenager, I wanted to own an estate big enough to adopt all kinds of homeless animals.  I now realize that would bleed Donald Trump dry eventually. 
10.  I have always wanted to learn how to waltz, and actually would enjoy learning how to ballroom dance, any kind, all kinds.
11.  I would have blew Bill Clinton, too. 
12.  I have never ate duck in my life, and have no desire to, except…maybe!  haha
13.  In 9th grade, I won a typing pin for typing the fastest per minute.  It was a little tiny golden typewriter.  This really large girl that everyone called Big Debbie started crying because she had wanted to win it for her mom, who was dying from cancer, so I gave her the pin after class.  I have never told anyone this story, ever.


2 thoughts on “13 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

    • I often wonder what happens afterward, when one does a random act of kindness. Is the person changed in any way? Does faith beget hope in any way, bring about a change, even if its only a subtle change? Anyway, thank you for reading…

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