My father, 1941

My father was in the Navy during World War II.  At least I think he was.  No one has ever told me this, and when I ran across this old photo the other day, it hit me that he was wearing Navy gear, like in the photos that I saw of my Uncle Kenneth in his World War II Navy gear.  I am waiting on a letter from the Navy Archives to confirm this supposition.

On the back of this photo, it says La Crosse, Wisconsin, January 1941.  I called and there is a Navy Reserves there now and the guy on the phone told me that La Crosse is right on the Mississippi.  In our family, we’re not big movers.  Even the cousins still live within a 100 mile radius of central Florida.

When you look at the photo, my father is the first man in the picture and he is 22 years old, already almost bald and looks way older than that, at least to me.  What a funny life this is…so disjointed.  So unpredictable at times.Image


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