Day 37 of my gratitudes:

Day 37 of my gratitudes:
I am grateful for the animals in our lives – the dogs who welcome our friendship, the cats who ignore us, the fish we eat…wait. Hmmm. Fish, yum.
I am grateful for cornmeal, that goes on catfish and makes yummy hush puppies to go with catfish. Yum.
I am grateful for the telephone, because I get to hear my sweet grandson’s voice tell me he loves me and that is the best sound in the world to a grandmother’s ears.

“Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”
~Mark Twain~


One thought on “Day 37 of my gratitudes:

  1. Hushpuppies? They are shoes out here….but I assume they are food? And yes, what I really wanted to say, this is such a nice thought, to think about what is going well, what we feel good about….

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