Lending a helping hand…

I have a serious question today….When you want to help someone out for the holidays, how do you choose who to help? 

I went online, Craig’s List, under General and there are about a half dozen families that need help, and only a couple asked for themselves; mostly it is friends asking for friends. 

A pregnant mother needing baby supplies.  A father trying to catch up from being out of work for months, with two small kids.  A mother with no winter clothes after being out of work from a car accident (victim of a drunk driver).  A mother with four kids and nothing for Christmas. 

We read about a man who opened his home on Thanksgiving to people who wanted a place to go, and this year he will feed 87 people.  I can’t do that.  I can choose to help one family but how do you choose from among so many hungry people?


2 thoughts on “Lending a helping hand…

  1. I have an annual penny drive where I collect pennies all year round and then donate them to a person in need. At the end of the year, I call churches in the community, the mayors office and local radio stations to find a person to donate the money too. The great thing about dealing with churches and the radio stations is that they track an monitor the request to be sure that it legitament and not someone working the system to live free. We are in our sixth year now so the penny drive is well known in the area and we have several churches, the top radio station and city officials keeping an eye out for us so that would be a good start for you.

    • That’s awesome! Wow. What a great idea. You know, when I was a kid, March of Dimes was just that, all about the dimes. I remember we collected them at school, etc. What a great idea. Well, you are awesome!

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