Smile – it’s all good.

Smile - it's all good.

Yes, I confess, I’m Cancer. 😛


16 thoughts on “Smile – it’s all good.

      • I know I certainly am. I still tell her I’ll call her though. Perhaps I should become an honorary cancer and ask her to marry me asap 👰

      • Mmmm I don’t sense you being that way. I’m certainly not like that. But I’m wanting my woman to stay here with me. I feel like a little monster I have ideas like destroying her passport so it delays her return 😈

      • ha! I’m actually not that way but I seem to attract women who are. One time, no lie, I invited a woman to dinner, she came home with me “for a nightcap” she said, and never left. We lived together for almost three years. Swear to God. I got up the morning after to go to work (super early), so she says “It’s okay if I hang out for a little bit, right?” ‘Yeah, sure’. I came home from work, she had dinner cooked. Trust me, lesbians U-Haul it.

      • Three years! I’m speechless! Lost for words. Wow, you’re the first woman to silence me. Was she a good cook at least 😋

      • Christ, yes. She was Portuguese/Italian and was an awesome chef. I tried to get her to open a catering business but she only liked to cook to impress me, not for money. UGH. Unfortunately she was also a hopeless drunk and eventually I wearied of trying to stay up later than her so she didn’t burn the house down. That wears on a person after a while. I raised my children and had no inclination toward wanting to “look after” an adult. But it was a productive three years; I helped her get her driver’s license and a car and established her credit so she was in good standing when we parted ways. She taught me valuable lessons in fresh seafood, exposed me to things I’d really never considered eating (artichokes, mussels, etc.) and taught me to savor these things. For all it’s downs, there were amazing ups in the relationship. She had an incredible heart, generous to children, kind…just sad from losing her mother when she was 7 and being raised by a father with whom she had a love/hate relationship until his death when she was 18. I saw beyond the bluster until I just was too tired to continue the relationship. I call every few years to see that she’s still alive for I did love her.

      • Wow what a story and expedience. You did so much for her in terms of getting get on her own two feet. It seems that she did a lot for you too. It’s nice you check on her every once in a while. I’m very fussy about who I’ll allow into my house. This year I tried to loosen up a bit but I’m now stuck in my old ways; if I don’t know a woman for a year she’s not entering my home and I don’t mind not going to hers. Bringing Lala back to my place was the biggest mistake I ever made! Maybe I’m just ultra cautious and not the U-Haul lesbian.

      • I love that way of thinking. I used to be like that. I’m cautious and it’s life that’s taught me this way of being.

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